Church membership

Church membership is important. For us, belonging starts with being part of a mid-week Life Group. Community is an important part of being part of God’s family and membership ties in with that. Church membership is a covenant that you enter into, with God’s people to belong, to love, to encourage and to worship alongside others. Part of our covenant is trying to follow what Jesus sets out in the scriptures for us.

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Living as a disciple of Jesus

A Christian is someone who repents of their sin and who trusts in Jesus’ work on the cross, to save them from God’s wrath for an eternity with God. A Christian believes in the Trinitarian nature of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and will be baptised in obedience to Jesus instruction. A Christian is a person who follows Jesus as they live for his glory.


Worship Gospel Centered Worship

1.    Jesus people read, study and obey the Word of God which consists of both the Old and New Testaments
2.    Attendance of Sunday worship is part of the staple diet of those who are Jesus body
3.    We believe that prayer is our connection to God and must be nurtured daily
4.    Tithing to the local church is part of our faithful and obedient worship of Jesus

Community Gospel Centered Community

5.    Our basic expression of community is a LifeGroup where we share life with others under Jesus authority
6.    Our homes are tools to be used for Jesus work and so we strive to show others hospitality
7.    The church is a family and we’re called to love, encourage, bless, serve and pray for each other
8.    As the Holy Spirit enables us we serve the body using the spiritual gifts given to us

Disciples Gospel Centered Disciples

9.    A disciple is always a disciple maker helping others learn to follow Jesus
10.    Jesus calls us to live holy lives shaped by the commands of scripture
11.    Disciples are part of a local church seeking the unity of the body and submitting to leadership
12.    Disciples live in accountable relationships so that others can encourage them to grow in their faith

Mission Gospel Centered Mission

13.    We’re sent into the world to be witnesses to the work Jesus has done across history and in our own lives
14.    Followers of Jesus seek purposeful relationships with unbelievers serving and witnessing about Jesus grace
15.    We’re called to serve the needy: the poor, oppressed and broken people in our society
16.    Our calling is to fight for justice for those who are oppressed, poor or without voice