PVC is running an internship program during 2018 that will run for 11 months from mid-January till mid-December and we currently have budget set aside for two interns for the year. We’re excited to see how God will use this program to equip new leaders to serve him and his church.



The internship program aims to give people a one year experience that will help them grow in their faith and become more effective in ministry and disciple making. It could also be a stepping stone or a discovery tool for those who are considering going into full time ministry. The specific aims of the program include:

·         Candidates grow in their personal faith

·         Exposure to different ministries and cultures

·         Learn how to make disciples who make disciples

·         Get some ‘on the job’ theological training

·         Help PVC meet some of its ministry requirements

·         Nurture up the next generation of godly leaders in the church


Who can apply as an intern?

The program would be open to any person who is already committed to worshiping at Protea Valley church and has a solid relationship with Jesus and longs to serve him and his people for a year.


What kind of people are we looking for to intern at PVC?

·         Mature faith

·         Desire to serve the church

·         Clear understanding of the Gospel

·         Genuine desire to learn how to make disciples

·         Committed to holy obedience to Jesus

·         Hard worker and a self-starter with a teachable Spirit


Expectations of the intern

Joining the staff

The intern would join staff devotions and the ops meeting on Tuesday morning and for the year would as far as possible be treated as staff member in all respects

Making disciples

The intern will be expected to learn to make disciples of the people around them. They will be expected to be intentional and strategic in doing this. The intern will commit to be held accountable in this.

Exposure to various forms of mission

We believe Jesus is on mission and the interns would be expected to be committed to joining PVC on our mission engagement both locally and regionally and if possible internationally.

Serving the church

There are a lot of areas where service is needed and the intern is expected to make a contribution to God’s work here. To this end the intern will need to be a self-starter and a hard worker as they apply their time and talents to seeing the church grow in numbers and depth.

Commitment to grow in their faith

The year will provide a powerful opportunity to grow in their faith and the intern will be expected to make the most of it, utilising the resources, time and people at their disposal to grow in their love for Jesus.

Commitment to theological Education

The intern would undertake to study some courses to help them grow. Several options are available but our preference would be Vineyard Institute or SATS. We would help the candidate select the courses that would be most helpful for them, their ministry at PVC and their long term plans.

Commitment to read

As part of their spiritual formation the intern will be given a list of books to read and they will be expected to provide reports on the books to show how they have understood and reflected on the contents.



Oversight and accountability

The pastors of PVC would directly oversee the ministry and would personally spend time nurturing the interns. The interns would be involved with several ministries throughout the year and would come under the leadership of the ministry heads. We would aim to tailor the exposure to suit the intern and develop them for what God is calling them to do.



PVC will offer the intern a monthly stipend, however the interns would be expected to raise some of their own funding. PVC would commit to pay the following types of costs, but not necessarily in full:

·         Stipend of R5000/month

·         Up to R10 000 per year to be used for theological training through approved institutions. 

·         Basic technology (laptop and phone bills) R10 000


Applications to be in by the end of November 2017

The application process is via the online application form here