Our purpose is to grow the church and extend the Kingdom.

To listen to a sermon about our vision and purpose as a church click here.


Mid 2011 eight leaders of the congregation were set aside by the elders to pray, study, debate and discern God's leading for the congregation into 2012. God lead us and it seemed good to us and to the Holy Spirit that God is pushing us to step up to the plate and become everything he is calling us to be. These four truths are areas where we beleive God is calling us to step into a more biblical model of being a church.


God calls us to love Him, and live for Him because of what he has done through his son, Jesus.  The cross is central to our salvation and because of what was done there we are to live in an attitude of eternal worship of God in everything that we do, so that Jesus may get glory.

God calls us to be a community who live in genuine, caring and supportive relationships within the body with a single agenda: to bring God glory by living lives sold out for him. This community is to be one marked by worship, prayer, sacrifice, love, service, generosity and radical life transforming grace.

Jesus calls us to follow him and to call others to do the same. As we humbly learn to live like him, Jesus calls us live in deep dependence on the work of the Holy Spirit so that we may be constantly transformed into Christ-likeness.

God sends us into the world to be salt and light. We are to live intentionally so that others might see Jesus and live by his gospel. In our service and love to the world we will sacrifice time, talent and treasure to be part of Jesus kingdom work here and now.
Brent preached four sermons in Feb 2012 outlining some of the basic foundations of thse biblical truths and you can listen to them here.