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 We believe that Life Groups are a fundamental part of belonging to a church. Sunday worship and other public events are the air-war, Life Groups are the ground war where disciples are made.

Our Life Goups, like Sunday services, are open to anyone, believer or not as people often belong before they believe. Our groups are mixed gatherings of 6- 16 people who meet mid-week in homes to eat, share, laugh and live Christian faith together around God’s word. They are informal, warm communities who want to learn together what it is to be a disciple of Jesus in a complex world. The number of testimonies about how lives are changed by the sense of community and belonging are widespread and we encourage anyone believer or not to plug in to this part of being the church.

We've tried not to make our groups homogeneous as we believe that the community to which Jesus calls us is diverse and it is in our diversity that we really learn what it is to be the church. So expect a range of ages, marital status and gender amongst those whom you will meet.

For more information or to get plugged into a Life Group, contact our Life Groups coordinator on