We believe that prayer is one of the important tools God gives us to build our relationship with him and to defeat the work of evil in the world. Because we believe this, we gather at two different times each week to pray:


Sundays 7:00am at the church

Thursdays 8:00am at the church


These are gatherings of people who spend time in God's presence, to seek counsel from God and to pray for each other and for Protea valley Church. 

In addition we have a prayer team who are here to serve you during times of need: spiritual, relational and material. We believe that Jesus listens to and answers our prayers. He is powerful and compassionate to our needs and we would like to keep your issues in prayer before God. All prayer requests are kept strictly confidential as we understand the sensitivity of these issues.

If you need prayer send email to prayer@proteavalleychurch.org or come and join one of our prayer gatherings. We only have one request: please let us know how God has answered your prayers in order for us to encourage others.

Please note: all prayers are confidential.