Hi Team,

We're looking at starting phase 2 of the church build and we've employed the services of an architects Van Biljon and Barnado to help us get this done well. A number of regular users of the building as well as  staff met with architects over the last months and we have some plans that we believe will meet the needs of the growing congregation.

The new phase consists of two portions.

Part 1:

This is on the road side of the premises and revolves around a hall that can be subdivided into three smaller rooms. This will help us with our large classes on Sunday mornings as well as the excellent work we're doing with the domestic workers with skills training. There are additional storage areas, bathrooms and some smaller meeting rooms and outdoor areas. These are of primary need for our current usage of the facility and will greatly help our overcrowding at points.

Part 2:

The second part of the proposal would be a foyer linking the two sides of the building near the current entrance. It would create a welcoming environment for people coming to the church building and would create milling space for Sundays when arriving or leaving. It will provide a valuable and attractive aspect to the facility.



The floor plan looks as follows:


Looking across the courtyard towards the current hall entrance looks like this shows the proposed foyer:


An aerial view looking towards the current church office:



Obviously with a build like this finances are a serious issue that must be addressed. Currently the build fund is sitting at R3.8 million and we're deeply grateful to those who have contributed and to the work of God that inspired that kind of generosity. This amount covers almost entirely the part 1 described above which comes to R4 million and so this phase will go ahead as soon as possible.

The foyer in part 2 will cost an additional R1.2 million for which we dont have enough money at present. The elders want to be good stewards of the money entrusted to our care and so we want to avoid any debt in the process. To this end we're asking the congregation to pledge their commitment to this project by sending a mail to catheryn@proteavalleychurch.org giving your name, contact details and the amount you will pledge towards this so that we can gauge the support for phase 2. We will keep this information highly confidential.

We believe that if this is of God the money will come from the congregation without us having to take out any form of loan.