One of the booklets prepared and distributed by the 2010 Lausanne Evangelical Movement is called ‘More Precious than Gold’ and is an annual Bible reading plan. It was developed to encourage Christians to grow in their faith through daily Scripture reading.

It begins with the four ‘great beginnings’ in Scripture and ‘in parallel’ takes the reader through them, starting each ‘path’ in:

Genesis - the birth of the universe and God’s implementation of the Old Covenant with Abraham

Matthew - the birth of Christ and God’s implementation of the New Covenant

Ezra - the rebirth of the nation of Israel after the Babylonian captivity

Acts - the birth of the Church, the Body of Christ.

If you read four chapters a day, one from each 'path' above, you will read through the whole Bible in 12 months in a way that 'conventional' Bible reading plans, which start at Genesis 1: 1 and end at Revelation 22: 21 do not. This reading plan opens one's eyes to how the whole of the Old Testament points forward to the glorious coming of Jesus, the Word, as described in the Gospels and expanded upon in the letters to the early Churches. 

You are welcome to download a copy of this Bible Reading Plan here.

Timeline for the writing of the old testament can be found here and the timeline for the new testament here.