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Resurrection Sunday - 27 March 2016

The resurrection vindicates all the claims that Jesus made, many of which seem improbable in the extreme. But why did Jesus even need to die? What's the point of this event that Christians make so much fuss about.


1. The Apologist - What proof is there

2 Book: Surprised by hope (N.T. Wright) - Kindle edition


3. Book: The Reason for God: Belief in an age of skepticism (Timothy Keller)


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God's Love and Mercy - 3 January '16

Just like Jonah was reluctant to go to Nineveh because the people there were cruel and evil, we all have Ninevehs - a person or a group of people that we don’t notice or don’t feel is deserving of our love and the love of God. We are all undeserving of God’s love and mercy, yet he gives us unconditional love and mercy. God is calling us to go to Nineveh so that our hearts may be transformed and healed and so that we may be a powerful witness of God’s love and mercy.

Text: Jonah 1 vs 1-3 and Jonah 3 vs 1-5

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